We accompany and connect people and organizations towards meaningful work for the benefit of all.

That's the purpose of our Meet Your Purpose cooperative. As a Decentral Autonomous Organization (DAO) you can find us on the Blockchain and can also join us there for Purpose-related exchange and collaboration.

Hartmut Hübner

Inspire people to discover new things through communication

I am convinced that we solve many problems by following our inner drive. Discovering and collectivizing this drive is a communicative experiment. Engaging in it helps individuals and many organizations.

My heart topics:
Purpose & Culture - Developing Creativity and Innovation - Rethinking Communication - Writing

Image Frank Thiele

Frank Thiele

Use design to make things move in a positive way.

As a designer and facilitator of complex innovation processes in cross-functional teams, I unleash the potential of design to develop customer- and user-centric value propositions and create value-based brand presences.

My heart topics:
Lifelong learning - Growth Mindset - Leadership & Facilitation

Julian Philipp

Reduce to the max!

By creating agile processes and methodologies in complex social, political and corporate environments, I guide teams towards sustainable decisions.

My heart topics:
Project management & test assurance - Decision making - Moderation

Michael Reinhardt

Accompany and connect people and organisations for a meaningful and healthy worklive.

I accompany people to get in touch with themselves again, to connect with each other within teams and organizations and enable the networking of meaningful oriented people.  

My heart topics:
Self-awareness training - Cultural change processes - Self-organization in teams and organizations - Participative finding and decision-making processes - Workplace health promotion