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What drives you?

Whether you want to strengthen yourself or the identity of your entire company. Whether you are looking for closeness to your team or more orientation in general. We bring you forward in your development.

Expanding my Purpose Awareness

Step by step, we increase your purpose awareness - supported by the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Advancing our corporate culture

Gain visibility into the hidden parts of your organization - and develop values, needs, expectations, and capabilities.

Bringing clarity to our ecosystem

Monitor your organization's network in real time. Web 3 helps you scale business models quickly.

Success ... comes from joy

👉 Do you think that discipline and "hard work" are the key to success?

However, if you look at what the really successful people do, they manage their time well and have long since escaped the daily hamster wheel.

They concentrate on what gives them pleasure: They focus on their "purpose".


Meaningful work for all

Become clear about your values, needs, feelings, abilities and your way of making decisions - and use this knowledge in a focused way in your daily work.

A course for reflection with daily impulses, supported by artificial intelligence - free for all thanks to our Erasmus+ support.


Become adaptable. Remain attractive.

The Purpose Culture Cockpit starts with the company culture and makes the central factors of meaningful collaboration visible and measurable for the organization.


Your organization in real time

Our new Web 3 application visualizes how the people and tasks in your organization are connected - without intervening in the process from above. This releases new energies.

What our users say

Purpose Culture strengthens trust in the team.

"After just 3 months, we are already seeing real changes. The cockpit is well received at all levels." 

Stefan M.

Managing Director Medium-Sized Businesses

"Finally, we've found the lever for employees to actively take their responsibility!" 

Marion S.

HR Manager

"We support Purpose Culture because we expect it to create positive momentum for the community." 

Claudia T.

Education agency

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