Purpose Culture

More orientation in cooperation

The Purpose Culture Cockpit provides organizations with more clarity and innovative corporate management. It starts with the corporate culture and makes the central factors of meaningful collaboration visible and measurable for the organization.

Purpose Culture Cockpit

The easy-to-use, highly automated application guides you through a digitally structured process that matches target image with lived reality.

The active involvement of all employees and a transparent process enable a high degree of proximity and trust - the prerequisite for effective cultural change.

We use state-of-the-art methods and technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. This makes it possible for many people to simultaneously engage with what drives them and connect to do so. In sum, the ecosystem becomes visible and strengthens itself. This applies to individuals, teams, organizations, individual regions - and also the entire world.

Self-check team culture

The everyday life of a manager increasingly requires communicative and emotional competencies that go beyond facts and figures. We have identified twelve factors that make up a sustainable team culture.

With our automated self-check you will find out where you stand today compared to other participants.