Discover what is already there!

An application that accompanies you to discover your purpose, your meaningful work for your life and to let it come alive!

Your path to more self-determination and focused life design. The application accompanies you to get to know yourself better and to align your life in a meaningful and focused way.

Start your journey of discovery to your personal Purpose!

What vision are you following?
How do you see the world?
What drives you?
What values shape you?
What skills do you bring to the table?
How do you make decisions?

These and many other questions accompany you and form the start on the way to meet your Purpose.

Your "My Purpose Journey" as a course format

Through alternating and completely different tasks, you will engage with the six thematic areas of vision, attitude, inner drive, values, competencies and sense-making.

The course alternates questions, meditations, video impulses, nature experiences and many other formats. Let yourself be inspired!

The milestone of this course, on your lifelong Purpose journey, is the initial formulation of your personal Purpose Statement.

Time does not matter. You walk the path at your own pace. Your Purpose is your life-long companion and with him to live is the way, not to formulate it.

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In seven course steps, supported by videos, worksheets and self-assessments, we guide you to your personal Purpose. Supported by the Erasmus+ program of the EU, we can offer this journey for free. Sign up now - there's a great BONUS program waiting for you at the end.

Our intention

We want to support you in directing your life in a self-determined and self-responsible way. In our view, it is helpful to discover the personal meaning that you give through your actions and activities. On this way our application shall accompany you.

Why did we choose an application as a tool for this?
Because in this way we can enable the greatest possible number of people to shape their own lives in a meaningful way, regardless of their cultural, financial or other circumstances. To find a "what for" that is worth getting up for every day.

We want to make a contribution to improving equal opportunities, especially with regard to work. In addition, more and more studies show that people see their activity, their work at the workplace as little or hardly meaningful. We, however, see people who know their values and needs, who are oriented towards an open world view full of possibilities and who fully develop their abilities.

Empower Yourself. Live Purpose. Change the World!